Depression Counselling Tauranga

Depression counselling Tauranga

Depression is a mood disorder that causes loss of love for life. One of the strongest features of depression is the appearance of emotional flatness. This means that the experience of feelings partially or completely disappears.

This means no longer experiencing pleasure, joy, contentedness, happiness or even sadness anymore. With the absence of these feelings, the meaning of life also disappears.

Perhaps you are already suffering from depression, or maybe you are feeling a little depressed some of the time. In any case, you know that you want to take action to prevent feeling worse and take steps to get your life back on track.


Symptoms of depression

Possible symptoms of depression:

✓ Depressed mood during a large part of the day
✓ Changing appetite, weight gain or weight loss
✓ Less interest in pleasant activities

✓ Restlessness, dejected, irritable, tired
✓ Disturbed sleep pattern, insomnia or more sleep
✓ Fatigue or energy loss almost every day

✓ Difficulties with concentrating and making decisions
✓ Feeling of guilt, helplessness, anxiety, and / or fear
✓ Suicidal thoughts

Maybe you recognise one or more of the symptoms mentioned above, in yourself. Through therapy and coaching you can, step by step, start to enjoy life again.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, or if you would like to make an appointment.

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