Stress and burnout

Stress and Burnout counselling Tauranga

More and more people live life feeling stressed. It is not always possible to do deal with this appropriately. Too much stress, often related to work, can lead to burnout. You are literally ‘burned out’.

Therapy and coaching can support you to experience more time and space in your life again, so that you experience life in a different and healthier way.

  • Do you often feel rushed
  • You have trouble relaxing
  • Are you a perfectionist
  • Are you a strong self-critic and sensitive to the criticism from others?
  • Are you often crossing your own boundaries
  • Do you get annoyed or frustrated when a boundary is reached?
  • Do you suffer from thoughts like ‘I should not make so much trouble out of this.’ ‘I should be able to do this.’ ‘Don’t make so much fuss.’ etc

Learn to recognise and respect your boundaries constructively. And discover what you need to do to recharge your energy.

Feel free to contact one of us if you have any questions, or if you would like to make an appointment.

Counsellors in Tauranga

Counsellor Elizabeth
I offer individual counselling for people with all kinds of issues.

I’m a provisional member of the NZAC (New Zealand Association of Counsellors).

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Life Coach Mandy
I am a professional life coach, relationship coach and supervisor in Tauranga.

You’re welcome for individual and relationship counselling. Mandy is a member of DAPAANZ (Drug and Alcohol Practitioners’ Association Aotearoa–New Zealand) and member of ICF – (International Coach Federation).

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