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Trauma therapy & counselling Tauranga

Do you have trouble dealing with a traumatic experience?
Was the experience so overwhelming, that you cannot get over it, whatever you do?

A traumatic reaction can be that you keep on reliving the experience in your head, you keep trying to push the experience away, have fear reactions and/ or a certain numbness.

trauma therapy

Symptoms of trauma

Physical Signs of Trauma:
✓ Sleep and eating disturbances
✓ Low energy
✓ Increased flight or fight arousal

Emotional Symptoms:
✓ Depression and fear
✓ Anxiety and panic
✓ Numbness, irritability, anger
✓ Feeling out of control
✓ Avoidance

Cognitive symptoms:
✓ Distraction
✓ Decrease in concentration
✓ Memory lapse
✓ Difficulty with decisions

Therapy offers effective methods to work through traumatic memories so that they do not intrude, or rule your reactions.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, or if you would like to make an appointment.

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